The spirituality of the Congregation moves within the following dimensions:

feAn evangelical dimension: The Gospel is always the starting point and the basis of its content.

An apostolic dimension: It discovers the hidden treasure of the Gospel in the exercise of charity, practised in a humble and simple way.

A liturgical dimension: it is aware of the fact that the fruitfulness of the apostolate depends on the vital union with Christ who feeds on the Liturgy.

A cordimarian dimension: In imitation of the Virgin Mary, listening to God’s Word, both saving and meditating it in your heart, and then putting it into practice..

A life of piety

To keep alive the spirit and the Congregation spirituality, prayer has always been taught. The practice of prayer is the most important keynote of the Congregation life, which covers several nuances::

  1. Personal prayer
  2. Liturgical prayer
  3. Vocal prayer
  4. Devotions